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·16 colors and dynamic LED lighting effects
·Premium Laminate on wooden body
·Neat metal frame with color options
·Customized design for variety equipment

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#304 Stainless steel accessories,
glass racks and bottle rack

Storage cabinet and drainage system. Concealed heavy duty swivel castors

Detachable shelving panels, with

Detachable table top modules withbr />functional devices, which areuniversal
table top modules with foldable buffet table.

Wash Side Bar

With tap and dual wash bins.
Drainage system beneath table top

Free Combination
  • 1

    2 BARS= 1 SET

    12 BARS= 6 SETS

  • 2

    3 BARS= 1 SET

    12 BARS= 4 SETS

  • 3

    4 BARS= 1 SET

    12 BARS= 3 SETS

  • 4

    12 BARS= 1 SET

Checkout Side Bar

One checkout counter on table top with storage cabinet.

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